The Most Significant Project in the Drug-Prevention Area

The anti prevention train offers a primary prevention programme for students which is definitely not boring! Visitors aged 12-17 years will be involved in the story by our innovative projection and made to think about drug addiction and their responsibility not only towards their own lives.

The unique environment of the train offers the possibility of an immediate informal discussion with peers, a teacher, and an expert. Such a debate is more lively, open and honest than during a typical school lecture thanks to the unusual setting.


The children fill out questionnaires as part of the programme. They answer anonymous questions about how they spend their free time, their experience with addictive substances etc. The results can then be used by representatives of towns and prevention workers.

Follow-up programme

A positive aspect of the prevention programme is its comprehensive nature. After some time, the instructors from the train come to the schools, and continue their work with the students in a debate that follows up on the “story of the train.”

The main topic of the programme in the schools is manipulation — a problem encompassing the start of both drug and non-drug addictions, just like other pathological phenomena.

The follow-up programme takes advantage of the positive reflection of the story of the train and the extensive programme of data collection.

Evaluation of the programme for schools

Reactions of Czech and German students show that the drug prevention train makes a very good impression on them. 90% of them gave the programme a grade A or B and strongly recommend it to other visitors.

You can find more about Revolution Train in the section Project.

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