What are you doing to keep your child away from drugs?

Almost 15,000 feedback forms have proven to us that our project is meaningful. Most of all, our visitors appreciate the way it’s made, and the possibility to live out the story with the actors of the film themselves.

The tours taken by parents with their children always have a unique atmosphere. Revolution Train creates an environment in which families open themselves up to discussion topics and play out situations which would, in real life, lead to unpleasant confrontations. However, in the Train it is an impressive — albeit serious — game, and a rehearsal of behaviour in an emergency.

Children who went through the programme for schools wish to return to the train and take not only their friends with them, but also their parents… Hear them out and discover that there exists prevention that can be fun for you as well. You will change you children’s view on drugs and you might save a life…

A 90-minute experience takes place under the supervision of qualified instructors. At the end of the educational programme every visitor receives a present from the sponsors.

You can find more about Revolution Train in the section Project.

PRO ŠKOLY - Program pro školy RODINA - Rodiče s dětmi a veřejnost STAŇTE SE PARTNEREM PROJEKTU

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