Many scenes made a deep impression on us, because they were very powerful and real. We are glad that, despite having less time because of an upcoming school exam, we took the opportunity to see the video and all the rooms of the train. We now understand that there are no “safe” drugs and how quickly a person falls into the vicious circle of drug addiction, obtaining and criminal activity. Not just us, but our teachers as well agree that this was the best exhibition on this topic there is. We will gladly recommend “Revolution Train” to others.
Students from Mittelschule Ruhmannsfelden

It was very interesting and it made me think a lot afterwards. I am 100% sure that I will not end up doing drugs! This train is an awesome illustration of what a life of drug abusers looks like. I don’t care that we didn’t get anything like iPads, or that we won’t get gifts. This talk gave me life! A totally different approach to life etc. Thank you to everyone who took part in this project, because it’s good and interesting.
Boy, 14 years, ZŠ SNPG Ústí nad Labem

I had the opportunity to live out the life of my mother on the train. It was not a pleasant experience. But show it to young people all the time!!! Today’s world needs it!!!
Girl, 14 years, ZŠ Lenešice

When I first heard about this train, I didn’t think it would be that interesting. But when I came there, the reality of it was amazing. I think that this project has great value and everyone from the younger generations should see it… And they will be totally discouraged from drugs and addictive substances
Boy, 14 years, ZŠ Obříství

If a teenager has at least a little bit of will, intelligence and self-awareness, this must to convince them. It really is awesome!
Girl, 17 years, OA Dušní 7, Prague

It’s interesting how in the train we can see that life is not always easy, cosy and comfortable. A small addiction can lead to something which we can no longer handle and which can cost us our life; but we must also not forget those closest to us, who might then suffer something even worse.
Girl, 14 years, Gymnázium Christiana Dopplera, Prague

Some of the information was really interesting and it’s definitely better to experience it first-hand than to just hear about it.
Boy, 14 years, ZŠ Řeporyje, Prague 5

It was interesting. I never thought about these kind of things, but now it made me think at least a little.
Girl, 13 years, ZŠ Dr. Tyrše

I have not been to a better talk. It cannot be called a talk. It's a life experience, one that everyone should go through.
Girl, 14 years, ZŠ Ústí nad Labem

The drug prevention train is great. I think it's a perfect way how to influence students in years 8 and 9. The way it's presented is both educational and fun, which students and people from a wider area will find engaging, informative and enjoyable.
Girl, 20 years, SOŠ Hamr


I was convinced that this project is very suitable for drug prevention. Not only the interactive concept of the project, but also its approach to reality convinced me. The realistic scenes which were shown are suitable for the development of an anti-drug attitude to the use and abuse of drugs. The questionnaire, which the participants fill in, motivates them to think about their own behaviour; they also get to experience the different situations with their peers.
Dr. Birgit Krappig, SBA - Sächsiche Bildungsagentur Zwickau

This is my 15th year working as a school prevention consultant. I was gathering information about the project before the visit. How the drug prevention train came about, who the author is, what the costs of the project were… What the experts are saying… What came before the implementation of the idea… On 1/6/2016 I had the chance to go through the train. I was thinking about the articles of the addiction specialists, who criticise the train for deliberately scaring the children. I thought it was silly. I did not feel like anyone was scaring the children in the slightest. The event spoke to the children. They were gently involved in the story. Effective. Well thought out.
Mgr. Irena Fleissnerová, teacher, 11. ZŠ Most

Today we all agreed that this project is very well done. The subject matter of drugs is portrayed in a way that is clear, easy to understand for the students, and it is done without any unnecessary preaching.
Georg Brandhorst, teacher Siebensternschule Selb

I’ve been to a lot of “anti-drug” events and talks and to be honest, when I received the invitation from the drug prevention train, I was hesitant. However, it was a big surprise: I was not bored at all, the hour in the train went by very quickly. I have to applaud the use of the interior of the train for the entire presented story. Congratulations to the creators.
Doc. MUDr. Eva Králíková, CSc.

I am very pleased that town Selb could be a part of this amazing project. The cross-border aspect especially is central to me, because drug abuse can only be defeated by both countries together - Czech Republic and Germany.
Ulrich Pötzsch, Mayor of Selb

I’ve been involved in drug prevention for 14 years, but this project is the best of all the ones that I’ve had the chance to visit. The children came excited and left with the knowledge that life really is a gift, and hopefully this knowledge will help them make the right decisions in the future. (Someone already told me that even occasional smoking is probably not totally okay.)
Marcela Černá, teacher, 8. ZŠ Most

I can only say that as a coordinator of the Minimal Preventive Programme of Socially Pathological Phenomena I have not yet had a chance to see such an impressive project that would have such an impact on our students. The environment, audio-visual projections, accompanying talk and the experience itself enhanced by gentle involvement in the story had a bigger effect on the students than all kinds of talks and events that I took part in in the past.
Mgr. Miloslav Bernard, Coordinator of MPP, SOU stavební Benešov

Together with my colleague we got acquainted with the programme and the concept made a deep impression on us, it got “under our skin.” We found out from some friends that it was the same with the students.
H. Gaim, Gymnasium Zwiesel

The drug prevention train REVOLUTION TRAIN is a brilliant project! The train is equipped with a multimedia system that speaks to young people. The story it tells is told through a film which is emotional and perfectly acted out, and it gets under your skin. It’s also important that a guide walks the visitors through the train and answers their questions. Mr Tuma created something amazing. The drug prevention train should be recommended especially to classes in the borderland both in Bavaria and in the Czech Republic. It’s the best drug prevention.
Jürgen Stader, town Hof

The most gripping anti-drug programme. In comparison with the Train, talks are useless. An experience makes the deepest impression, in my opinion. Great, great, great. I wish you many happy kilometres.
Ing. Miluše Vilímková, teacher, ZŠ Jirkov

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