REVOLUTION TRAIN is a unique drug-prevention project based on an interactive experience involving all the human senses.

The source of inspiration for the project

It has been repeatedly proven that a person can retain only 10 % of the information that he hears, 15 % of the information that he sees or reads, 40 % of the information that he can actively discuss, but up to 80 % of what he experiences. Therefore, children who listen to an anti-drug lecture only remember 10 % of the information that they hear. If they have the opportunity to discuss drugs and their risks, then they can remember up to 40 % of the information. However, when we give them the opportunity to actively take part in the story, the effectivity of learning goes up to 80 %.

This was demonstrated by Prince William, who got into trouble with the police when he was young after smoking marihuana with his friends. His father, prince Charles, took him to a rehabilitation clinic instead of punishing him. Afterwards, William told news reporters that seeing the inside of the clinic was a shocking experience that he would remember for a long time… “Charles’ unconventional approach to education and William’s reaction after the visit to the clinic made a deep impression on me and inspired this project,” Pavel Tuma, the creator of this project, explains.

“Our vision is to improve the education of youth by using 5D interactive methods.”

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